Oh No! Moment

Back from a busy, long weekend with an even busier week on tap, including another 2-day trip to Dad’s. Can you say “Date With A Dumpster – The Sequel”?

I’m starving and just realized that Tom cleaned out (translation: ate everything) the fridge, while I was at Stitches East (stories and pictures coming but not until the end of the week), and there’s nothing to eat for lunch. OH NO!!!

Missing the time I used to have to chat with friends.  Hoping they realize I still LURVE them.

I have about 100 stitch markers to make by next week and am hoping my wrist will hold out or I’m going to have to teach the cat how to do them.

And being really lame, looking at the Halloween cards and trinkets I’ve been saving to send out, realizing I won’t be able to get them out in time.

So how are YOU doing?

2 thoughts on “Oh No! Moment

  1. The voice of experience here — cats make good stitch markers. but won’t share. They see them as toys and bat them about.

  2. Eh … I got back from the studio and couldn’t decide what I wanted for dinner, so I had some fried bologna with cheese and mustard. At least it was Boar’s Head, though.

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