Tallying Up The Totes

Way back in August, Shan hosted a tote/bag swap.

I was partnered with Cindy, of 2 Paw fame, and she spoiled me with:

  • totes
  • hand-sewn purses
  • candy (thank goodness there was a box for the fudge because it didn’t make it to the photo session)
  • a handknit dishcloth, which isn’t wrinkled anymore, made out of Patons Serenity Bamboo/Cotton
  • a tasmanian devil keychain
  • a cake of soap that I wanted to eat because it looks so delicious and smells great, too
  • photo’s of her Labs

I’m slow on the photo-taking but finally got them uploaded.

Thanks, Cindy!!

3 thoughts on “Tallying Up The Totes

  1. Oh, I love the slide show, it looks just like a photo album!! I use my tote bags all the time, not necessarily for shopping, but I love them!!!
    It was a great swap!!

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