Some of you may remember that two months ago I got a new gadget.

A few weeks later I found a Yahoo! group and put up a post, asking if there was anyone that was “local” that could help me figure out the machine.

There are great YouTube videos that are the tutorial for the NZAK but, I believe, they’re for people that already own one or more CSM’s (Circular Sock Machine’s) and have a basic knowledge of them. How else could you explain an arm in front of the camera while the narrator says “You just have to tighten this part up.”? And “If the tension is too tight, adjust it.”, without showing you what proper tension should look like?

There are no FAQ’s, no troubleshooting tips.  There are get-togethers but they are all at distances of more than a 5-hour drive with most of them on the West Coast – I’m on the East Coast.  😦

But I digress.

A few days after my HELP! post, I got a reply from Gail.  She lives about 2 hours away and was willing to come and try to get me thru a sticky point.

Fast forward 3 visits later, after she had finally taken Clayre Sophie home with her so she could have it side-by-side with her machine, sent out her own SOS for help, and brought CS home to my waiting arms.

She DID fix the problem I had with the ribber which was a timing problem. (Just fix the who-dicky…there.)IMG_0914_2 One of those things that would have been impossible for me to know.

I’m here to clear up any thoughts that having a CSM makes it possible for you to take it out of the box and crank a sock in 2 hours.

It takes lots of time to learn how to use the machine.  Figure out when to change settings, and how.  Learn what gauge yarn your machine likes.

I still love Clayre Sophie but the past few days have resulted in more piles of yarn that look like cat yack than they look like a sock.  Or even a decent tube.

This was my attempt to make a “cast on bonnet” but the yarn snapped – probably because it was going so well.IMG_0916_2

These are multiple attempts at getting a tube without dropping stitches.

Another (blurry) attempt at the bonnet but with too many dropped stitches to continue.IMG_0919_2I kind of expect my garbage pail to start burping, from all of the yarn I’m stuffing in there.

Another up-side, other than the Amazing Gail (angels singing) is that Tom went to a yarn store, in search of Wildfoote yarn.  It seems Clayre Sophie really likes that yarn and it’s not as expensive as the yarn I own.

He went to the store and called to say they were having a sale so he bought me 4 skeins @$3 each.  I told him to go back to the store (he was only about a mile away) and get all that they had…and he did! Nine all together.IMG_0920_2You can do the math but you’ll only see seven.  Gail took 2. 🙂IMG_0921_2

Great yarn for practicing making cat yack.

3 thoughts on “Cranky

  1. Oh, yeah, I remember this gadget. It’s the thing that I was worried would somehow mutilate me over the Internet just by my looking at it. Glad it’s coming along!

  2. Hey, just taking it out of the box is enough. It can wait til next year. Proud of all your attempts – in time you’ll get it!

    Now Gail, what does she know about looms and what are her thoughts on road trips to Kansas?

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