It’s A Possibility

I think I know one of the reasons that I’ve been a blog-slog.

I’ve been taking lots of pictures (Oh, this is good for the blog.) but then I never upload them to my computer.  Time goes by and I keep thinking that I’ll do the photos and finally get a post up.

Doesn’t happen.

I had better luck when I was using my phone for posting because the photo or video was right there and I only had to click-clickity-click and there was my post.

Granted, that’s only ONE of the reasons but I’ve chosen it as the main culprit.

Now that it’s October and so very close to NaBloPoMo…or was it NaBloMoPo?…I’m going to try to get back into the swing of things.

Nothing fancy but at least folks will know I’m around.  🙂

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