Half Empty Bottle Of Whine

At a time when I’m not really in the mood to “lose” anyone/anything, this week brings the closing of the Starbuck’s that we’ve patronized – at least – five times a week over the past 18 months.  The barista’s are friendly, know us by name and it’s just a great store.  Yes, there’s another local store but every time we go there we have to ask them to re-make the drinks because they’re “off”.

The up-side? We have a new Target across the street from “bad” Starbuck’s and they made me a yummy iced coffee.  Ah, possibilities.


Saturday is the last work-day for our personal trainer.  She found a fantastic job closer to her home with a much better pay scale.  Good for her but we feel like we’re losing a friend.  Though she’s been tough on us, we’ve also lunched together and traded baked goods and canned jams. We are really going to miss her.

The up-side? Our renewal for training is up in 2 (Tom)/3 (Me) months and we won’t feel bad not renewing.  That’s going to be a big money saver and we won’t have to tell our friend that we’re not renewing with her.


More news is that the construction at my Dad’s is going to start in a few weeks.  I’m going to have to find some way to disengage the buttons that he’s been pushing for over 40 years so I can make it thru the oh please don’t let it be more than a week.  I can live thru a week of not having a kitchen but helping him thru it will take a lot of work.

The up-side? By October, the kitchen will be clean, the floor won’t be warped in front of the basement door and that will be another room that is DONE.


The insurance adjuster allotted money towards a dumpster so we can start to empty the water damaged, empty boxes out of the basement.

That’s the up-side, right there!


I’ve been having problems with Clayre Sophie, my New Zealand Auto Knitter (circular sock knitting machine).

The up-side? I hopped onto the Sockknitting Machine Friends board and found someone that’s fairly local and she’s willing to come to my house and help me.  That’s really wonderful for me because I’m a “See and Do”, not a “Read and Do” kinda gal.


I tried to see good in all of the stuff that’s making me nuts.  How did I do?

That’s it for me.  Tomorrow I’m having a colonoscopy and…well…I’ve gotta go.  😀

4 thoughts on “Half Empty Bottle Of Whine

  1. Oh…remind me to tell you the story of goalie telly someday. It’s a lovely colonoscopy story lol.

  2. Glass half full then??? Happy Colonoscopy just isn’t the right thing to say, but I hope it all went well.

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