One Stitch Forward

…two stitches back.

The eight rows I had left on the Swallowtail Shawl have turned into 16.  Because I am making a shorter shawl, I was off on my numbers and had been fighting with every even row, massaging them to make them work.

Massage time is over.

I sat in the hotel and frogged those rows with wild abandon.  And what do you know?  The first row came out fine and I’m expecting all of the rest of them to follow along like a good lace pattern should.

I’ll let you know in 13 rows.


Friday, I met Tom’s dad at the hotel and handed over about 90 lbs. of squash.  I felt kind of shady but didn’t get pulled over for transporting a “weed” over state lines.

I also gave Susan a zucchini, under the pretense of it being a “Happy First Day At College” tradition.

While I sit here, buried up to my neck in zucchini, I can’t help but want to make these.

Is this a “grass is greener” complex?

3 thoughts on “One Stitch Forward

  1. I had fried zucchini Saturday that curled my toes. A delicious breading that had a crunch to it. No idea on the recipe. Just a note to torture you. 😛

  2. I made chocolate zucchini cupcakes last year that were pretty awesome – even R ate them. ;o)

    This year? I planted one zucchini and one yellow squash plant…I’m still swimming in them but not drowning for a change.

  3. Oh, too many zucchini, I know the feeling!! Last year we were inundated in the north here. Luckily I feed them to The Labradors, raw and grated. I also like zucchini fritters with a little crumbled feta in them and parmesan cheese and lemon. Yum.
    Ahhh the unravelling!! But I can’t go on if something is wrong either!! Hope it works out….

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