Sunny Chick

Last week, I was having lots of stomach problems*.  It put a real damper on my overnight trip to Atlantic City, not to mention making the driving a living hell.  Thursday I had Tom drive me to a doctor’s appointment because I felt too weak to drive myself.

When I got home I was elated to find a bit of happy in the mail.

Sunny ChickA very cute dish cloth**, with a chick on it.

I’ve never gone over to the “dish cloth side” but have always admired other’s handywork.  I’m convinced that I can’t knit a square so I’ve never tried. (Yeah, I can make socks and sweaters and shawls.  Don’t harass me on the square thing, ok?)

Thank you, Kim, for brightening my day.  🙂


* Stomach is feeling better but another Gastro appointment is next week.  Grrrr.

**  Those creases are from it being folded for shipping.  There’s nothing wrong with that chick, I tell you!

One thought on “Sunny Chick

  1. You’re welcome. If you lay the sunniness on your tummy, you might feel instant relief.

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