Can You Ear Me Now?

I’m nearing my bluetooth limit.

OK.  I reached my bluetooth limit when I got to two earpieces.  Really.  Why does a person need more than one?  That, along with my fantastic BlueAnt Supertooth Light and I’m good.

Until I saw THIS.


I’ll bet that 98.254% of people don’t bother to click on links so I’m giving you just a taste of what you’re missing, with the photo.

You’re interested now, aren’t you?

5 thoughts on “Can You Ear Me Now?

  1. Actually, I was interested when I thought it was a piece of jewelry, or some sort of knitting tool. . .

  2. That is one cool looking Bluetooth headset. But on another note a pic of you using two headsets would have really made this post a site.

  3. Hmmm… I’ve always avoided bluetooth because, frankly, I think it just looks too geeky (regardless of how convenient or anything it is). But this intrigues me…

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