It’s just no good.

Today I went to lunch with Sandy (of Vegas fame) where we talked of joining the Hiding From Parents Program coping with things.  Also spoke about how badly we need our upcoming trip to Atlantic City.

Did grocery shopping because I haven’t gone in about 2 weeks and at some point Tom will tire of take-out. (How is that even possible???)  Not that I’m going to cook anything but it’s all about the effort.

Then came home and thought I’d have a few hours to make important phone calls, do a quick blog post and catch up on the home biz work – also 2 weeks delayed.  It’s strange.  Customers really seem to be bothered when your voicemail box fills up and they can’t reach you by phone or e-mail.  I think they just need to chill out.  Seriously.

Instead, there was a message from the exterminator that he was in the area 90 minutes early and he’d love to come by.  I had completely forgotten he was scheduled.  Sigh.  He talks too much – which is fine when there’s nothing else going on but I had IMPORTANT work to do – and was he still here 90 minutes later when my Dad called…


…to tell me his kitchen sink was clogged and he had put in 2 different chemicals (head smack combined with jaw clench) and it wasn’t unclogging. Sure, I’ll make the 7-hour round trip to look at your sink and possibly pass out from the fumes.

After the top of my head exploded, I got to call the roto guy and get an appointment for tomorrow morning.  To which Dad responded “They won’t be able to fix it.  It’s clogged.”

I cannot describe my level of frustration and the gigantic will it took to not stomp on my phone , crawl into my closet and cry until all of the Costco tissues were gone.

I can’t wait to go out and see him tomorrow.

This gets easier, right?  Please.  Someone tell me it does.

And to those that wondered about yesterday’s post:

Yes.  I did call the police.  They said there’s no need for a report if no one is going thru their insurance company.

5 thoughts on “Nope

  1. Never thought I’d say this, but you might be better off sick. I’ve spent four days in bed, and haven’t been responsible for anything.

  2. I cant say it gets better…mine hasn’t…but you do get more used to it and everything becomes less of an emergency and less stressful.

  3. It absolutely should get better. This is desperate, lonely, unsure, unsteady behaviour on the part of your father and as weird as it is, it’s totally normal. Or within the parameters thereof.

    The trick is going to be finding the balance between helpful, sympathetic, patient and not-putting-your-head-through-a-wall.

    I have absolute faith in you.

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