Finder Of Toes

Second day in a row that posting has been postponed. (Very bad pun, indeed.)

Yesterday our clothes washer kicked the bucket, after giving us the “F2” code for a week.  I still think it was saying “F U” because it hasn’t even lasted 2 years.  Every review that Tom read, online, said that the machine craps out after 18 months with the “F2”, which means “Your circuit board needs replacing.  It’s gonna cost you a butt load of money and even then we won’t guarantee it will work.”

So that pushed off a catch-up post.

Today started with me marvelling at how, when you have to go to the gyn for your annual visit, chances are that you’ll run out of shave gel while in the shower.  Sure enough, I got about 1/8″ worth of gel out of the can.  Since you can’t shake the can to judge the amount that’s left, it’s even more frustrating. Did Murphy write one about this?

I wish it was the worst thing that happened.

Polyp found on cervix has to be removed.  Doc said “There’s a very slim chance it will be cancer”.  This was him reassuring me.  I looked at him and said “I’m dancing on the head of a pin, here.  Have you seen my family history?”.

But it will be no biggie until they tell me otherwise, dammit!

Then I proceeded home to change for the gym.

Smacked into a car that materialized in front of me FROM VAPOR.  Luckily I had already slowed down and was just rolling.

We pulled into a parking lot and 2 kids got out (geeze, I sound old here).  I said their car was like a tank because there wasn’t a ding, dent or scratch on the bumper.  Driver kid kept saying “Feel here” and rubbing his hands over nothing.  I wasn’t going to argue and kept saying “Let’s exchange information”.  They had other ideas because Driver said he worked in a body shop.  The translation of that is “We don’t need no steeenking insurance.  Let me fix it and then bill you for the National Debt.”  I started to reach into my car for my bag and they both hustled back into the car and said “Forget it.” and took off.  Sure wish I had taken a picture of their car but my phone and TWO cameras were in my bag.

Drove home with shaking hands.  Went to gym where all of the adreneline drained out of my body and now I can’t really lift my arms.

Hooray for Shan, for posting an adorable video.  Really needed the laugh.

Here’s to hoping that tomorrow will bring calm and peace…or at the very least, a real post.

7 thoughts on “Finder Of Toes

  1. Wow, and to think I just talked to you Sunday, you’ve already had a week worth of crap. Hang in there.

  2. Man. How much better do I feel about my day now? Much. 🙂

    Had me in a Fried Green Tomatoes (is it ‘oes’ or ‘os’. Hmm. ) moment there. You should of kicked the car and showed them what a dent looked like!!

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