Small Cast

I got a Flip video , from, a few weeks back and am having fun playing with it. (Mine is just the plain black model.) It’s helping me now, when I don’t really feel like talking.

This was last Monday, before things started to spiral for my Mom.  It’s our small cast of knitters.

Watching it makes me laugh.

The Barnes & Noble people asked if we wanted to be in their newsletter, as a knitting group, so that our group might grow.  

We decided that we want to be anti-social and not grow. (This is why I love these ladies.)

The structure of it would be crushing (ha).  Really – since there are only 3 of us we can alternate who pays for breakfast and if one of us can’t make it, we can always reschedule for another day.  An official group would suck the fun out of it for us.  So we shall remain 3 with an occasional visit from Sandy, who, as she put it “Knits in her mind”.

Ah.  It seems that even when I don’t feel like talking, I can squeeze out a few words.

Is anyone surprised?

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