I’m Late

in posting for Wordless Wednesday, so it’s not wordless.

I was also very late with the seed starting.  At this rate I may not get them outside until the beginning of June, if that early.  Perhaps I’ll end up just going somewhere and buying plants but I had to try.

Too much stuff going on with Mom right now so I probably won’t post again until the weekend, if that soon.  Someone should have told me that when you get into your 40’s, you’re supposed to know all about your parent’s finances, bills, etc.  Also that once you realize you need Power of Attorney, it might be too late to get it.  Maybe it’s some sort of microchip that I forgot to have implanted.  

All I know is that I have a zillion things spinning in my head and about 2 seconds to try to get it all done before I forget.

And I’m crying an awful lot for someone that sweats it out at the gym.

Lists are an absolute must and living 3.5 hours away is really no damned good.  I’m really thankful that Tom can do a 7-hour round trip in 1 day, along with everything else that needs to be done while we’re visiting Mom and driving Dad back and forth.

At this point no comments are necessary.  You can only say “I’m sorry” so many times and I don’t mean to make people feel like they should do that.  I really cherish all of you.

Feel free to comment on my spindly little tomato plants, however.

7 thoughts on “I’m Late

  1. Yup spindly…in a not to be discouraged kind of way. Tough little buggers…like someone else I know.

  2. I haven’t said it yet – I’m so sorry, Laurie. I’ve lost two (three if you count the grandmother who decided to end it all the day she was diagnosed) of my grandparents to cancer. It’s horrible for all involved – you’re in my thoughts. *bighugecyberhugs*

  3. I feel for you. Our pending move 8-9 hours away from my 79 and 80 year-old parents is tearing me up. I’m an only child and will be soooo far away from them when I’m needed. Please take care and know you’re in my thoughts.

  4. I’m with you! Stay antisocial. Too big of a knitting group is a pain in the butt! I love our little group of three to four that meets every Saturday morning for coffee. You could show up in your pajamies and no one would give a hoot!

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