Snark, But In A Good Way

One of the more enjoyable FAQ‘s I’ve read in a while.  I wish I could post something like that on our biz web site.

Go on.  You know you could use a laugh.

Except for Kim.  She’s at Stitches South and is high on yarn fumes.  We (the imperial WE) are jealous.

BTW, a big THANKS to Kim for gifting me a KnitPicks gift certificate.  Now, I’m no longer jealous.

Well, maybe just a little.

One thought on “Snark, But In A Good Way

  1. My brother has shopped at Woot for a long time…grabbed a few bargains too. He’s always been cooler than I am.

    Sadly Kim’s trip may have ended sooner than planned. See her site for more info…I’ve heard nothing else.

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