50 Is Sooooooo Close

Monday Knitting –

Jane and Susan went into the cafe to get our breakfast.  Susan told one of the ladies that works at Barnes and (K)Noble, “It’s Laurie’s birthday.  Pass it on!”

Too bad they don’t know any of our names because the woman came over and said “I hear it’s someone’s birthday.” and…I know I’m a smart ass but it’s a knee-jerk kind of thing…I said “Yes.  Hers.”  and pointed at Jane.  When the woman wished her a Happy Birthday, Jane couldn’t just say “Thanks.”  

Oh no.  She had to say “Not me.  HER.”, at which point the woman threw up her arms and said “Forget it!”.

So now I feel bad.

I also feel bad because we couldn’t stop laughing after she walked away.

We were all supposed to go out for lunch but my stomach and head weren’t in a “happy place”.  Stress.  Raincheck for next week, tho!

Here are some of the beautiful gifts that I received,


A Jessalu box bag, from Shan. A prototype bag, from Jessalu.

from the bottom right, clockwise:

  • Starbucks (swoon) gift card, from Shan
  • Prototype zip bag (very cute), from Jess
  • Jessalu box bag (how did she know?), from Shan (she tricked me with this because she had it sent directly from Jess)
  • Really neat card, from Shan
  • Card from Sandy (my Vegas roomie).  See the blue strip over the butt?  That’s a post-it.  I tried to make it less…icky.  Inside the card it says “Birthday’s are an ass in the pane”.  There’s no controlling her.
  • Amazon (sigh) gift card, from Susan

Hmmmm.  Did I forget anything?

What?  What’s hanging over the bags?

That’s my gift, from Tom.  A beautiful diamond and gold bracelet.  He wrapped it up and had Jane deliver it at knitting group!


(How unfair.  I had to Photoshop out...urgh...age spots!)
(How unfair. I had to Photoshop out...urgh...age spots!)

It was a great day.  Jane even spent about 90 minutes untangling a hank of Malabrigo.  I’ve wound more than 12 hanks of this yarn and have NEVER come across one that didn’t cooperate.  This hank of black yarn…it was horrible.  Jane and I each found an end and started to wind until I had 2 balls (go on, yuck it up).   


Look!  They're almost the same size.
Look! They're almost the same size.

When I got home I made them into 1 ball and then I used my winder.  Now I can start on that fish hat.

On Tuesday I had that lunch with my personal trainer, Tamara.  It was a lot of fun and she made me order dessert so the wait staff could sing to me.  I was shooting daggers at her, with my eyes, but she loved every minute of it.  That’s ok.  I’ll get her back on her birthday.  Bwaaaa-haa-haaaaaa!

(Oh, thank goodness my Mother doesn’t read my blog anymore.  I used “ass” and “balls” in the same post.  I’m positive my brother won’t mention it to her.  Right?  RIGHT?)

4 thoughts on “50 Is Sooooooo Close

  1. Wowza! What a lucky lady! Hey that is your new lucky tennis bracelet! Good for you on all the birthday goodies. You did good!

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