Summing It Up

I didn’t have any internet yesterday, other than my phone.  This kind of put a crimp in my plan to do a post.  Luckily, Susan seems to have summed up a lot of what I’ve been doing the past 2 days.

I’ve also re-Twittered myself (tweet me at Mooflower) so now I can put up blips of my day, from my phone.  I just have to learn how to put in photos and links.

My Field of Flowers Shawl is finished and I have to block it before it’s photo ready.

I’ve started on a Swallowtail Shawl in a beautiful yarn that I bought a few years ago, while on a yarn crawl thru Philly. (Must remember to take photographs BEFORE doing a new post)

Mom had her first chemo treatment, yesterday.  She felt ok and I hope that she continues to go thru it without any harsh reactions.  She’s been having a lot of problems with her back and she’s barely been able to get out of bed.  Who needs to add to that?  Thanks for all of the kind wishes.

I had a training session at the gym and I think trainer gal may have been a bit peeved with her DH, and she took it out on me AND Tom. We usually book sessions on the same days, though in hindsight it’s not too smart because neither one of us has much sympathy for the other’s pain.

It was trainer gal’s (TG) anniversary over the weekend and her hubby went online to play WOW. WHY are men so dense?

Neither of us could walk last night and when we looked to the cat for comfort, he was having none of it.


Cat compassion...not so much
Cat compassion...not so much

4 thoughts on “Summing It Up

  1. Oh Wes!

    See now an anniversary of WoW would have worked for me as long as some good eats were in the plan somewhere.

    I know some other iPhoners and can see what they use for pics and then tweet you the info. (not that you asked)

    Thinking of you and your mom!

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