The Truth

What happens in Vegas DOES NOT stay in Vegas.

I got sick on Wednesday, spent most of Thursday laying in bed and then flew home Friday.

Still sick.  Doctor today.  Never had such a sore throat so I’m Google diagnosing myself with possible tonsilitis and a sinus infection.  I’ll send myself a bill later in the week.

When I have more strength, and my eyes can see the keys more clearly, I’ll upload photos and do a real post.  Until then, read some of 

This (More than my family could ever accomplish)

and This (try it, you’ll like it)

and This (because I saw the movie and DIDN’T SEE THE SPARKLE!!!!)

6 thoughts on “The Truth

  1. No no no no no no… I WAS TOLD THERE WOULD BE SPARKLE!

    Am I perpetuating a vicious untruism?

    I’m almost as sorry about that as I am that you’re sick. 🙂

  2. Ack feel better you!! Is it wrong I am afraid to click you links because maybe there is a virus trail? LOL!

  3. If it is tonsillitis, don’t have them removed!! At our (ahem) age, it is torture……….

    PLEASE feel better.

  4. Gosh darnit! And here i had just finished telling my dh that I was jelous of my frien Lori who was having a fantabulous time in Vegas eating desert 4x a day…

    I hope you feel better soon:D

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