Sin City – Day 1

Good flight helped by the fact that there are airport Starbucks at every turn. My pocketbook was so stuffed with food that I would have been the provider for the plane in case of an emergency. (Doing flight attendant point forward and back). Hooray for liter sized water bottles, though they’re heavy SOB’s.

Our taxi driver started our “Bastard” count by dropping us at a side entrance instead of the front lobby.

A quick 2 mile walk, or luggage role, thru the casino brought us to “Bastard” #2. (Forward known as B#?)

Sandy’s smoking-suite-with-a-view-for-5-nights turned into a non-smoking (hooray!)-suite-with-no-view-for-4-nights. But if you look really hard, while standing in the tub, you can see stuff (pictures on camera to show when I’m back home). Panic set in when I stopped Sandy from signing the 4-night receipt. “Where will we stay for the 5th night?”, I asked her. We were slap happy from the long flight.

I say B2 was her slot host because she booked thru her. She gave the title to the desk clerk who was on the phone a lot, with her back to us.

Safely settled in the room, we hit the buffet and then Sandy doubled her playing money on the first machine she came to. I kept the purse strings tight and went up to room. Jet lag big time.

Now I’m sitting with my cafe mocha and a croissant, people watching and trying to figure out my game plan for the day.

There were pictures – yes there were. But the WordPress for iPhone keeps spitting them back.

Everyone’s a critic.

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