A Short Good, Bad, Ugly

The Good:

    I got a flu shot this year.

The Bad:

   I have bronchitis

The Ugly:

   and the flu.


Random photo to brighten up the post
Random photo to brighten up the post


I missed knitting with Shooshie and Jane, on Monday.

I did get to the gym on Tuesday, whining all the time.  I amazed myself by leg pressing 255 lbs. and then my skin started to hurt and the chills took over.  Tom took my other trainer sessions for the week.

Wednesday, I delivered my stitch markers to a new yarn store, The Knitter’s Edge, in Bethlehem.  The store is in a former bank building and tho there was no yarn on the shelves yet (opening March 17th, hopefully) it’s going to be beautiful and I’m excited that my markers will be selling there. 

I didn’t make it to bowling, on Thursday.  Tom brought my secretary papers to the alley and the “lunch bunch” blamed him for making me sick.  There may have been some threats, on Sandy’s part, that I had better be well for our Vegas trip.

…and on Friday I gave up and went to the doctor.

See above Good, Bad and Ugly.

5 thoughts on “A Short Good, Bad, Ugly

  1. I’ve gotten sick every year I got a flu shot. EVERY year. So I can wholly empathize. Hang in there. And demand to be waited on hand and foot.

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