Do You Want CatchUp With That?

First, I give you photo’s of my Christma-Chanu-New Year-Valen-Day gift, from Shan.

The most awesome, personalized tote!  I walked around with it on my shoulder, for hours.  And I was home all by myself.  (What a dork.)


Full Frontal Tote
Full Frontal Tote




Close-up of awesome pocket
Close-up of awesome pocket - there's one on front AND one on back!!


More awesomeness - the lining.  Even the pockets are lined!
More awesomeness - the lining. Even the pockets are lined with SKULLS!!!!!!!!

The bag was a big hit at knitting, today.  And it was the perfect size because I just joined the sleeves of my Arianne, to the body.  A knitter needs some room when making a sweater, right?

Going along for the ride was another CCNYVD (see above) gift.  And he’s a happy fella.  A beautiful, handmade glass bead.  But…wait a minute…I’m going to use the picture for my Wordless Wednesday.  You’ll just have to come back tomorrow.

OMG she put a tote up in her Etsy shop!  Go!  Quick!  Look! Grab it!


Valentine’s Day was just another day in Paradise.  Tom went golfing in the morning and then went straight to work. He didn’t get home until 11pm.  I didn’t feel like cooking so got Chinese food.  Mad romantics, we.

Saturday morning, the Postal Worker rang our doorbell and I got to the front door in time to see her driving away.  There was an orange slip left in our mailbox.  Hmmm….what could it be?

YARN!!  OMG, Tom’s fish hat yarn, coming from Canada!!!  I’m not waiting until TUESDAY to get this darned yarn!

In the 28 degree weather, I waited outside, ears straining to hear the mail jeep.  I waited for 25 minutes, looking up the road to the left. (They always double back to finish up the rest of our block.)

Well…not always.

Suddenly, like a trained watch-dog, my ears pricked up. (Yes.  I can do that with my ears.  Can’t you?) The mail truck was across the street, TO THE RIGHT.

Crazy, yarn obsessed lady, wearing her husband’s sweatpants and oversized hoodie went running across the street, orange slip clutched in my hand, waving it like I was calling a ship into harbor (I know nothing about calling a ship into harbor).

Luckily, I’m faster than the mail truck when it’s stopped and I got the yarn.

Sucking wind, I limped back to the house, muttering to myself that I had earned my Yarn Cuckoo badge.

5 thoughts on “Do You Want CatchUp With That?

  1. lol I can’t believe I am not the only person who has chased down the mailman for a yarn package!

    How cool are we to be the “tote girls”? Eh? So love your bag too. But still think my bag could kick your bags butt.


    Where is Wes?

  2. The bag rocks! The bag on Etsy rocks! Rock rock rock!

    I thought I saw you out there in a pointer-stance when I drove by 😉

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