Entry With A Sigh

Dear Diary –

It has been almost 2 weeks since I last saw the green bag.

The beautiful, drool-worthy green bag.

Since that time I have purchased, and returned – no comments, please, from the peanut gallery – 2 bags.  Both of which had HUGE pockets but when I got them home, they magically turned into business card pockets.  The water bottle pockets became too small for even a tube of lipstick.

And so, they had to go.

Is it because I’ve been unfaithful to the green bag that it remains elusive?

I really don’t know.

I can only hope that, with the three-times-a-week personal trainer, butt kicking sessions I’ve been enduring, it will be a kind of penance for straying.  

I must be strong and believe that my 10am session on Monday will coincide with the green bag’s spinning class and I will be rewarded.

Though, at this point, I can’t rule out that it may have turned into a green change purse.



I just did a small update to my Shoppe,


including a Copper/Topaz set of markers.   If you purchase these markers, the proceeds will go to Oscar’s mom.  ’nuff said.

4 thoughts on “Entry With A Sigh

  1. Right on the very edge of a restraining order.

    Not there yet – but almost.

    Totally worth it tho. 🙂

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