Just No Good

I can’t play “blog catch-up”.  It never seems to work so I’ll just go on like you know what’s been happening.

That’s easy, right?

Well, maybe a little catch-up.

I got a package of beautiful treasure bags, from Shan (we did a barter swap).  

p2012533I’ll be sending one out to anyone that orders 2 or more sets of markers from my Etsy shop.

If anyone knows how I can put these up on my shop, without them being an item for sale, please let me know, k’thanks!  Cleared that up within 10 minutes.  Hooray for Ravelry forum groups.

Shan also sent me 7 beautiful backdrop swatches of fabric.  I’m using 2 of them in these photos.

I also got a few skeins of Malabrigo.  It started because Tom wants that Knitty Fish hat and since he’s a fishy kinda guy, he wanted it to be an accurate clown fish.  Yeah.  Because when I knit it people will wonder why it isn’t in a tank.

2 skeins of 1 color turned into 7 skeins, total. 


Clockwise, from top left, Mandarina, Navy, Bergamota, Sauterne, Azul Lindo and Datepalme
Clockwise, from top left, Mandarina, Navy, Bergamota, Datepalme, Azul Lindo and Sauterne

The Bergamota is like a blood orange color.  That’s the main color for the fish. The other 2 colors will be black and white, or off white.

Tomorrow, I whine about medical tests I need to have done.

2 thoughts on “Just No Good

  1. You’re gonna make my head swell…t’was no big thing. Really. I’m with T on the fish hat, its so funny it makes me wish it got cold here 🙂

  2. I heart that fish hat. I want that sucker without those crazy dead eyes though. It live it lives!

    Markers, bags, oh my!

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