OOPS! I’m Doing It Again

Once again I've decided to change my knitting WIP, midstream.

I've gotten this much done on my Mariposa shawl
which is a little shy of the half-way mark.
(Damn, that's one horrible photo.  First the burgundy doesn't "represent" and the lace looks just plain bad.  Fancy schmancy camera needs a better user.)

Now I'm working on Ariann, using some stash yarn.  YES!  I didn't buy new yarn.  Why would I when I had this laying around?

It's STR Heavyweight in the Raven Clan, Grawk colorway.  I love this series of colors.  So black and yet subtly colored with beautifulness (Oxford Dictionary, page 64)

My knitting ADD is brought about by an upcoming trip, in March.

I'm going to Vegas, again.  Whoo hoo!

The weather is going to be somewhere between mid-60's to mid 70's.  That's t-shirt weather for me but indoors all bets are off.  (Lookie.  A casino joke.  Didn't even realize it until I proofed this.)  The casino's could be like meat lockers or just a little cool.  So I need something that I can carry and toss on and not look silly (sillier?).  The Mariposa shawl was for that but, seriously, I wear jeans and t-shirts and sneakers.  I don't think a shawl fits with that picture so I'm going for cardigan.

I'll probably keep it kinda short and might make the sleeves hit just above the elbows.

All I really hope is that I manage to finish it by the beginning of March, so I know if I need to hit the stores for something else.


Hey, all you Stephanie Plum fans!  I just found a new "Between-the-Numbers" novel at Wegman's.

I got to use another iPhone application, as well.  I whipped out my iPhone, opened the calculator and figured out the price of the book, with the 40% store discount.  Then, I went to the Amazon application to see how much it would be from Amazon.

Right there in the store!  Didn't have to go home to check the price. I love that!

Geek-O-Meter pegged at 9 today.

4 thoughts on “OOPS! I’m Doing It Again

  1. Um…ohhhh pretty? LOL 🙂

    Actually the ‘black’ yarn really is super pretty, I cant wait to see the finished project.

  2. I love Stephanie Plum! I knew there was going to be a new book I didn’t think it was this soon! I would think of you as being a very smart spender not a geek! Love the work you are doing! Just beautiful!

  3. Look at you rocking the knits! You would likely have more of the shawl done if certain people weren’t always stealing your time at Tuesday knits. LOL!

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