Not Wordless Today

The past few days have brought a bunch of crafty awesome-ness in the form of holiday gifties.

Marisol spent a gazillion hours baking cookies.  Really it was about 15 hours and she baked over 2,000 cookies! She sent me a tin of them, along with a bag of Peet's Holiday Blend coffee beans.
Marisol tin
Look at the great listing of what's in the tin.  Clever.
Marisol list
Coffee and cookies…yum.  Thanks, Marisol!!

I also got a box from Rox…a Rox box!  As soon as I opened it I had to move it to unreachable heights because someone…cough…cough…cat…was itching to get into it.

No surprise there.  He knew there was something for him.  Actually, he believes it's all for him.

This guy is still in his wrapper because Wes can't have him until tomorrow.  I know he's going to love it and show his love by licking it so full of cat spit that no one else will go near it.  Because Tom and I always play with his toys when he's sleeping.  Right?
(Take note of the Etsy addy)

Then there are 3…count 'em…3 bags of sheepy goodness.  One big enough for a small knitting project, one that's a coin purse and another (it's inside the project bag) that can hold accessories.  BAGS!!!!  These were made by Field of Roses – another Etsy seller.
Sheepy bags


Beautiful calligraphy cat cards (by Tags Cats)
(wait, I have to look at the box so I spell this correctly)
An Amigurumi Goldfish Kit! by Amy Gaines.
Cards and goldfish

There was a chocolate santa in there…it kinda disappeared quickly.

Thanks, Rox!

Not to be outdone, my eye doc ALSO gave me some gifts.  Not just that he dilated my eyes so I was completely blinded by the snow.  Not that my left eye was dilated for almost 10 hours, giving me a HUGE headache.


He gave me…sigh…
Eye joy

An exciting week, no?

Tom had his fun, too, by doing a cheesecake (Hi Jess! LOL.) delivery to Susan and her hubby, outside of Wegman's.

PSSSST!  Hey Bud.  Wanna buy a cheesecake?

4 thoughts on “Not Wordless Today

  1. Wow…super awesomeness…but I’m not buying a cheesecake that’s been in TOM”S coat….blech 😉

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