There’s Still Knitting

Just so no one gets worried that I've dropped the knitting ball,

ha ha    knitting BALL       get it?      what?      not funny?   FINE!

here's the 3rd Koolhaas in the current series.
The yarn/colorway: Malabrigo Verde Azul

And now I'm going back to working on my Mariposa shawl.  Right now I'm only doing 2 or 3 lines a day and at the current rate of knitting, I'll be done with it by next November.
Too bad I need it for March.  Maybe I should spend less time on the COMPUTER and more time knitting.

ha ha    again with the joke

And, finally, Tom has put in a request for a new hat.  I take no credit for his taste in knitted items.  NONE AT ALL.  He wants it for golfing.  

At least he's got a sense of humor.

And I don't golf with him when it's cold enough for him to wear.

5 thoughts on “There’s Still Knitting

  1. Koolhaas is lovely. Looking at it makes me realize that Shannon may be asking a favor of you very soon. 🙂

    Tom scares me. But just a little. !!!

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