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After looking up “interweb” on Wikipedia, this is my favorite part:


Writers of the television show Babylon 5 referred to “the interweb” in the 1994 episode “Eyes”.[2] Ironic use of the term caught on in discussion groups related to the show and subsequently spread. Actual erroneous use of the term appears to have been rare; it referred instead to several Internet service providers and other business ventures during the dot-com boom.

(I loved Babylon 5)

The term entered wider usage following its use on The Simpsons episode “The Bart Wants What it Wants” in 2002[1], as well as extensive use by Jeremy Clarkson and James May on Top Gear and in their various journalism. It’s also used in House, M.D. several times when Dr. Gregory House mocks patients who try to diagnose themselves over the Internet, most commonly getting the diagnosis wrong. In 30 Rock’s first season, Tracy Jordan refers to the interweb regularly.

House AND the guys from “Top Gear”.

I’m current!

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