Less Popular…

Thanksgiving weekend dessert – Jell-O legs.

I haz them.

The trainer (now known at Rat Bastard) didn’t make me cry but he almost made me pass out, and hurl, at the same time. (When Tom called the gym to ask a question, the Rat Bastard told him he made me cry. LIAR!)

Walking lunges were almost the death of me. Yeah, they hurt the legs but even worse, they gave me motion sickness. One pass behind the stair machines and I was hurting. Half way thru the 2nd pass and I started to feel green, then I started to see black dots.

Want to feel like a real jerk? Sit down on the gym floor and put your head between your knees.


It works.

He kept saying I needed to eat something (because I mentioned low blood sugar) and I kept saying I wanted to hurl, why would I eat something? Don’t talk peanut butter to me while I’m trying to do deep breathing. I’m just saying.

After the spots went away I finished my pass across the floor but refused to do 2 more. I realized that the going UP and DOWN was making me queasy. Next time I’ll have to take Dramamine or something. Then when I pass out, I can sleep it off.

He agreed (a hollow victory on my part) and made me work my legs until I couldn’t walk.

(Note to self: When you whine at the trainer, they make you do MORE reps.)

The drive home was very interesting, what with my 5-speed car and my lack of any muscle control.

Also? Walking up the stairs to get to the shower? A real treat. But nowhere near as bad as going back DOWN the stairs. OMG rubber knees. I would have crawled but I had a load of laundry in my arms and just kept praying I made it down in one piece.


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5 thoughts on “Less Popular…

  1. oh man! I had one for a while, but I didn’t like him or wasn’t motivated because I didn’t keep going.

  2. I’m so glad you shared his name…now I know who to ask for when I call the gym to tattle about the pie 🙂

    And WHOOHOOOOO you made it, thirty days of posting!!! Congrats!

  3. I had a trainer. Once. He was sent straight from hell, of this I am sure. He would say things like “just five more” and I’d do five friggin more….and he’d say “just five more” again.

    When the dreams of different ways to hide his body started….it was time to drop the trainer.

    I should be more supportive here shouldnt I. Sigh. Go Laurie! Go Laurie! Pie is bad. Exercise gooood.

    yada yada.


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