Can I Install A Pause Button?


A – I love gadgets
2 – I love creating “Make-Your-Own” anything
C – I love cereal

I followed Marin’s post and made my own cereals. Plural.


Because there’s nothing worse than a sheep that doesn’t know when to stop.

And I really should learn when to stop because…the mixes that I made?


Our cereals were packed by Adam. Oh, Adam, you should be able to call someone and say “Dude. Seriously? What are you thinking?”

There’s a yiddish term – Ongepatshket – Cluttered, disordered, scribbled, sloppy, muddled, overly-done.

I threw in so much stuff that when I had a bowl of cereal, with milk, I sent this text to Tom:

New cereal + milk = BARF!!! Works better as GORP.

Mine only has: flaked cereal, wheat germ, banana, coconut, pumpkin seeds, soy seeds, cherry and almond.

Good thing I didn’t try Tom’s because his has: shredded wheat, granola, wheat germ, cherry, strawberry, banana, golden raisins, blueberry, coconut, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds and pine nuts.

I know. Feel free to use the complimentary hurl bags on your way out.

3 thoughts on “Can I Install A Pause Button?

  1. You poor thing. If there’s anything my years at the salad bar have taught me, it’s that whatever I want – 2/3 = a better idea.

    My sesame cereal is really good, but I really wanted to put pumpkin sees, goldenberries and granola in it.

    The nice thing is they’ll take it back and let you try again, free of charge.

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