…and sometimes, there’s knitting

I’ve continued my affair with the Koolhaas pattern, with the help of a friend. I’m going to be done with #1 tonight – started it on Wed. night.

It’s almost impossible to get a good shot of this. It really looks better in person. 🙂

I’ve got 2 more to go and they’ll go faster. Last night my head felt really foggy and it took me forever to finish a cable round. Just couldn’t keep pattern straight in my mind. Then, CLICK, the light went on and I grabbed my cable needle and was OFF to the races.

I don’t use the cable need for all of the cable rows but Row 1 really just begs for it, ya know?

In more knitting blabbing, I pulled these out of the closet yesterday morning, for a touch of the urchin look.


They’re 9″ long fingerless gloves, made with Anna Zilboorg yarns that I bought back when I took her mitten class (damn! look at that price!! I could make a killing if I sold mine.) at Stitches. Which would make them about 6 or 7 years old. Just a simple pattern that…looking at them…I realize I didn’t even do them in the round. They’re seamed up the side! But sooooooo warm.

Well, that’s what’s happening here. Y’all can go back to your lives now.

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