I went to visit my parents yesterday. Mom’s doing pretty well but still has to work on eating normally and she’s got some pain going on. She gets a belly shot every day, for the blood clot in her leg. I can’t blame her belly for giving her pain in the shot location but I wish it would just cut it out. Really!

We had a good visit even though I wasn’t there for more than a few hours. I stayed over and was able to get dinner from one of my favorite restaurants. I’ve lived away from Long Island for almost 15 years and there’s not one restaurant around here that I can call my favorite. Just a bit sad about that.

The traffic going and coming back was the best I’ve ever seen. No hold-ups at the NY bridges. I went thru some torrential downpours and still made it home in 2 hours 20 mins. That’s record time, kiddo’s.

Here’s the thing. Cloudy when I left Long Island. Downpours on the way home. Sun shining at home. TORNADO WATCH until 9pm on our local forecast! It’s 70 degrees right now and Tuesday there may be snow showers.

Do some weather palms need a bit of greasing? Is there a Secretary of the Exterior, for the weather, I can appeal to?

Just a bit of consistency with the weather – is that too much to ask for?

3 thoughts on “Ahem…

  1. Wow…that is some weird weather. Sounds like time to curl up on the couch and ignore it as best you can.

  2. Good grief—that is some pretty scary weather!

    Glad to hear you got to spend some quality time with your mom!

    Good Health Vibes…we need to concntrate:)

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