My feets

They needed the new shoes.

Happy Shoes are one thing but for everyday, these are my staple.


Really, what else would I wear with my jeans and tees?

I’m a sneaker gal. Never worn loafers. Like boots but for zip out of the house I’m always turning to my sneaks.

What kind of shoe person are you?

5 thoughts on “My feets

  1. I used to be a girly girl high heel girl. Lately my feet have been a mess. With old age I hae develped planters fatiatus in my right foot and have had a heck of time shaking the pain!

    I have been on a major shoe shopping rampage that I will be sharing soon. Can seem to stop this pain!

  2. Slippers! Oh wait you mean when I venture out of the house. 😉 Usually sneaks or some kind of slip on cloggy dealio.

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