Two Words…


And then some more words…

Jane and I will be prowling the Marketplace floor, on Friday and Saturday. Taking no prisoners. Maxing out our credit cards. Hiding in our room after dark.

If you’re there and see this tote

with these pins

(2 cows and a Knitter’s Without Borders pin)

stop me and say Hi!

I’ll have a Ravelry pin, if I can find one once I’m there. Mooflower – that’s me.

4 thoughts on “Two Words…

  1. Ya know, I don’t check on you for a week and suddenly it is NaBloPoMo (that snuck up on me) and I have all this catching up to do! I hope you have a great time at Stitches East! And yes, I think that a cell phone is what all cats are secretly hoping for. 🙂

  2. OH! I wish I had seen your tote yesterday with you attached to it! I would have stopped and said HELLO! Hope you had fun! I’m sure you’re suffering from fiber fumes today.

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