The Lunch Bunch

I have lunch, with some of the bowling gals, every Thursday before bowling. We call ourselves The Lunch Bunch. Original, I know.

Sandy usually comes in late – I think she likes to make an entrance – and the cheer goes up as if Norm is walking in.

This week she walked in and handed me this CD.Pa311969_3She hates musicals and knows that I love them.

Sandy – “Here. I found this. I don’t know how I got it. I hate this sh*t and know you like it. I listened to it once and hated it. So I thought of you.”

Me – “It’s so nice to know that when you think of sh*t, you think of me.”.

Sandy – “I guess I could have presented it better.”

The Lunch Bunch. We know how to have a laugh.

PSSST! Go check out Shan’s new Etsy shop!

2 thoughts on “The Lunch Bunch

  1. Darn Divas!! 😉

    Shan makes some nice stuffs! Consumer polls say that she should make some cool fabric needle holders for knitters. LOL! Just saying…

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