There’s been happy going on

OK. I’m able to breathe for a while. Headache still there but there are times when it fades. That’s good! Mom is probably going home from hospital on Monday. Also good!

I got a box from Shan, this week. I’m thinking she knows that I’m part gardener/part magpie. (Yeah, there are other parts but those are the ones she fed into this time.)

To the gardener she sent these, which made me burst out laughing. It felt good, let me tell ya!

Plant markers! They’re not silver or gold but they’re still priceless.

To the magpie she sent these beautiful beads.

She calls them cast-offs but I think they’re wonderful. And they came in her hand-made bags. I am so loving that black with flower print.

Girl, I’m tellin’ ya, get that Etsy shop stocked already!!


I’ve got to show you my favorites. I’m so impressed.


This little owl looks SO much cuter in person. I just couldn’t get the eyes to photograph.

And this guy…Shan called him an alien. Tom and I decided he looks like a frilled lizard

and I’ve been carrying him around just for a quick “smile hit”.

Thanks again, Shan. I heart you!

I’m trying to lift myself out of the dreads. More happy to stuff to come.

6 thoughts on “There’s been happy going on

  1. Frilled lizard rocks the house!!!

    That black bag is off the hook. Love love love it!

    You better bring the beads to the next stitchy powwow so we can oo and ahh!

    Yay for surprises in the mail!

  2. Green round swirlies is my favorite! And cute little bags too! Hooya for you!!

  3. Well its a good thing I’ve got a place to send the cast-off beads, lol…they’re piling up. I do so love making them. At the bead show this weekend I wasn’t all that interested in any of the beads that were not handmade and even those I as mostly interested in how they were made. Clearly I want to make them…not make jewelry with them. Beadmaker and magpie are perfectly paired 🙂

  4. How fun! Gift packages are always appreciated. But how could you choose a favortie glass bead?? Thay are all so beautiful. Well, okay, that little lizzard guy really rocks!

  5. What an excellent pick me up package–beautiful beads and handmade keepsake bags!

    Hope you feel better soon and glad to hear your mom is on her way home:)

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