I’m here…but just barely

I’m gonna whine a lot. You’ve been warned.

I know. Long time, no post.

I’ve had a headache that’s been hanging around since the weekend. Friday night, after I was all packed and ready for Rhinebeck, the headache turned into a migraine.

No Rhinebeck for me and Susan.

The headache lingers. I’m 98% sure it’s a tension headache and I just don’t know how to get rid of it.

Mom is back in the hospital. She went yesterday to have her stitches/staples removed. I figured this was good because she might be a little more comfortable without the pulling of the stitches, etc.


Again scary because she called me for 2 minutes to say “I’m sending your Dad home in the limo (car for hire – no bar or anything). They’re keeping me here because I’m so weak. Gotta go – they’re coming for me now.”



Multiple phone calls to hospital, brother, etc., just to find out where she was.

Today, after 14 phone calls in 2 hours (let’s hear it for the phone chain), I found her. I got her on the phone and she told me she was very low on some IUMS. Her phrase for potassium, magnesium, calcium. You know. IUMS. Also severely dehydrated. So weak she couldn’t walk into the hospital for her appointment, which was good. If they didn’t question why she was using a wheelchair, they might have just sent her back home.

Now she’s got another few days in the hospital (says the doctor). Same floor as before so I’m figuring the nurses will be really nice to her since we sent them a basket of cookies for her last stay.

So, forgive me for not posting. I’m worn out. Don’t even want to cook. (Be quiet, Shan. I know I hardly ever cook. Still.) Feel like my eyes have been used as punching bags. Wouldn’t be surprised if I had a sinus infection but let’s hold that for another time, ‘k?

Tell me happy stories of your great weekends. Tales of Rhinebeck will be appreciated.

11 thoughts on “I’m here…but just barely

  1. At least your mother is someplace where they can keep an eye on her! I hope you are feeling better now that you know she’s okay. I’m totally commiserating on the Rhinebeck thing too! There’s always next year, right?!

  2. Rhinebeck. Schminebeck. Who needs it.

    Ok. We do.

    Next year will so kick this years butt.

    Sorry about Mom – but I’m with Dawn on this one, it might just be the best place for her right now.

    Go sleep. Dark room. Hot chocolate. Wes at your toes and hubby at your beck and call. Time for you….relax.

    Big hugs

  3. Oh my Laurie. I am so sorry that you are in all that pain and that your mom is back in the hospital. Although I third (?) what Dawn said and she needs the fluids etc to get better. It’s amazing how being dehydrated can really hinder your well being. You know how I know?

    Because…I’m pregnant again! How’s that for some good/happy news?! I just posted on my blog today. I’ve been so sick that I’ve been in and out of the hospital for fluids quite a bit. I’m starting to feel better and I hope the same goes for your mom. She needs the nrg to heal from her surgery.

    I’ll be sending my best wishes your way!


    BTW, if it’s any consolation I missed Rhinebeck too because I was feeling sucky. Boo Hoo for us.

  4. I don’t have any fun things to share, but much love heading your way and I’ll be keeping you and your mum in mind. xoxo

  5. Can I wait and tell you about the upcoming weekend? I might actually have something fun to tell you about – heh.

    As you already know…best wishes to you, your mom and that GUY 😉

  6. Huggles! I hope the head stuff passes. Seems like everyone I have been talking to lately is mucking about with some kind of pain in the neck or head. Heat pack, pain relief, cup o tea, kitty on your lap. Do it!

    Rhinebeck will be there for us next year. We can gather a gang of knitter folk and take that place by storm.

    I am sorry Mom is at the hospital again. They will take good care of her..no great care (because of the cookies) and get her back up to speed. Dehydration and mucky muck IUMS is nothing to mess with. Get better mom!

    No funnies here except my puppy husky not barking at me. 😉

  7. Sounds like your plate is quite full Laurie. Try to take all the time for yourself that you need hun. Be selfish. I will hold good thoughts for both you and your dear mom.

  8. Not too much fun around here either but I am sending you lots of cyberhugs and get well telepathic waves….. I am going to zapp that migraine gone!

  9. oh dear. I hope you Mom is better now.

    Rhinebeck! Bah! You didn’t miss much. Just don’t look at all the happy faces like I did. I will make you feel better.

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