Mom Update

Thank you for all of the wonderful thoughts and positive wishes for my Mom.

She did well with the surgery. Bladder and Uterus – OUT. Possibly some lymph nodes went along for the ride. Doctor says he didn’t find anymore Cancer. (I’m pretty sure that means no chemo or radiation.) Surgery took 5 hours.

Tom and I went to hospital and got to listen to doctor. I say listen because he walked into the room, said 2 sentences and walked out. But the sentences were good ones!

I “heart” my pals that e-mailed and texted me during the day. They were good distractions. You know who you are. :-*

We waited until I could go into Recovery and see her for a minute which was nice because I just HAD to see her. It was worth the drive through Manhattan and sitting in the hospital for 4 hours. Totally.

I talk to my Mom every day and have felt really lost – lot of crying. Haven’t heard her voice since Wednesday. Yesterday she finally answered the phone and said she was feeling ill and we exchanged “I Love You’s” and that was that. It was good because I was getting a little crazed not being able to talk to her. I’ve been checking with the nurses station to see how she’s been doing, as well as doing phone relay’s with my brother.

“You talk to Mom, today?”
“No. You?”
“OK, you try her and let me know.”
“No answer on her phone. I’ll try again later.”

That kind of thing.

I’m pretty sure she’s feeling ill because she hasn’t had any solid food since Monday. Not sure they’re even letting her drink anything. That combined with pain killers has got you make you feel like hurling, no?

Tom and I are going back to see her during the week.

Next weekend is Rhinebeck and I kinda feel like I should be writing that in hushed tones – how do you write in hushed tones??? – because I’ve been trying to get there for about 5 years. Something always comes up. Mom was supposed to go but it’s good knowing she can go next year! This year Susan and I are going to team up and make the drive. Jane was supposed to go but she’s out of town. Nobody breathe funny and we’ll be there!

Other than that….
more animals

6 thoughts on “Mom Update

  1. Aww! Hug hug hug and good thoughts!

    Glad you made it into NY and were able to see your mom. Have a safe trip in to see her this week and know I am thinking about you both 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness…That is definitely a lot to contend with –but it sound like your mom is a tough cookie! Wonderful news that the doctor got it all out! Hang in there my friend I know its hard:(

    Hey on a positive note (but maybe trivial note) I awarded you an I Love your blog Award over on my blog.

    Please take good care of yourself:)

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