Happy Feet

Last week I did a little retail therapy – other than what I returned…shoosh, Shan! – these little babies walked into my life.


I have to show all sides


And even though they look ugly at first


They look great with jeans and are now my HAPPY SHOES!!

I’ll probably wear them on Thursday. On Friday I’ll tell you about Thursday and then you’ll understand.

OH! Forgot to say that they’re FELTED. How great is that?? And super comfortable. Whoo Hoo!!

6 thoughts on “Happy Feet

  1. First – what size of shoe do you wear? Those are – what – a size 2? Toddler?

    Gawd man. You couldnt even let me have smaller feet than you?


    Next….me likey. The shoes. Despite the size and the jealousy that I must learn to accept.


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