Lots o’ nuttin’ and links

Icky, rainy, drizzly, blah weekend…and so I kvetch.

Some people are spending time at the Celtic Festival.

I did a little damage in Sephora yesterday. I think the minimum amount spent is around $100, in order for me to make a clean getaway, which includes the returns that somehow always occur. The consultant actually made a face while slathering me with moisturizer. What the heck? I told her I was there to buy moisturizer, don’t make me feel like Quasimodo.

I also popped into Macy’s.

I’m having a really hard time finding a new handbag. I don’t even call them handbags. I call them pocketbooks. Why are they called pocketbooks? They don’t fit in your pocket and you sure can’t read them.

But I digress…as usual.

Fossil. My favorite brand of bag.

I buy and return, buy and return. Fall in love with them in the store, after spending 30 minutes stalking them. Sometimes I buy 2 at a time and can’t wait to get them home. Then I do the “bag transfer” dance and wonder what I was thinking when I bought it.

It’s too deep and everything gets swallowed up.
There’s no pocket for my phone or keys.
The zippers (those honking HUGE zippers, not the regular ones) hurt my hands when I reach into a section – which is so stuffed that I can’t get anything out.


Stores should have sections for you to test-drive a bag. Put all the stuff in your bag into a store bag to see if it really works. They’d save so much by not having to do quick-turn sales/returns.

The search continues.

Well, I’ve put you thru enough empty babbling. I’ve got yarn to wind and laundry to do so I’m ready for my Atlantic City trip.


5 thoughts on “Lots o’ nuttin’ and links

  1. No wonder we are friends. Fossil is my fave too. My current bag is a summer paisley that has the most bitchin strap you evah saw. I planned to carry it over to winter (I’m a one purse girl) but just today I somehow got a ugly stain on the front. It must be sent to purse heaven. AKA back of closet.

    Come down….. we’ll purse shop!!

    Have fun in Atlantic City!

  2. Have fun in Atlantic City! I turned in my handbags for knitting bags and or messenger bags…where I can carry both my knitting and regurlar stuff.

  3. Oh, it’s so hard to find just the right bag, isn’t it? How to get one that holds everything but not so big it swallows everything up. I’ve kind of resigned myself to having a mystery layer at the bottom of my bag.

  4. Pocketbooks! I have been calling them purses far too long. Going to start calling them pocketbooks.

    Have fun in AC! Bring back souvenirs;)

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