A little updating

This week’s knitting group (yes, 3 people constitutes a group. A tidy little group.) had the usual food, drink and knitting BUT there was also a field trip!

When Barnes & Noble started to blast the air-conditioning – I always know when it’s 10:30 – we packed up and headed over to Kraemer’s Yarn Shop. Susan had never been so she braved my driving and when she opened her eyes, we were there. Go check out her blog because she took great pictures.

I know that yarn was bought because I saw the flashing of credit cards. I didn’t spend any money, REALLY! I had the gift certificate that I won at WWKIP Day.

All 3 of us walked out with some Flat Feet and here’s mine.


I’m the only one that didn’t, practically, have a fist-fight with the woman at the register. She had “hidden” her favorites and Jane and Susan snatched them up. Hey, ya snooze, ya lose.

All in all it was a lot of fun and a good trial run for Rhinebeck.

It was supposed to be 4 of us going but my Mom won’t be making the trip, this year.

Which brings me to the second part of my updating.

After Monday’s biopsy, the decision was made for Mom to have her bladder removed. Chemo might work for the cancer but the only definite thing would be total removal. Since she’s being totally selfish (Jewish humor) and won’t give me a baby brother or sister, they’re also going to remove her uterus. The surgery is scheduled for the middle of October. Mom has a VERY upbeat attitude – she was terrified of chemo – and will have to spend between 6 – 10 days in the hospital.

Getting my Dad thru the time that Mom’s hospitalized will be rough. Lots of phone calls will be on the schedule. It’s just too far for him to be visiting Mom and she wants him to stay home and take care of the birds. Such a mother, always worried about her “kids”. 🙂

My freaking out is minimal, right now. The surgery is the scariest thing. Everything after that will be cake. Mom can go back to bowling and doing whatever she wants…other than professional sumo wrestling. She’ll get over that, somehow.

One of her nurses said Mom’ll be just fine for going to Rhinebeck, next year, with lots of spoiling in between.

That’s it for today. I find too many topics cause things to get lost in the mix.

6 thoughts on “A little updating

  1. Look! I am famous:) Can’t wait for sock day at B&N.

    Darnitall I know you were looking forward to a new brother or sister. 😉 In all seriousness, I am glad mom is upbeat. Surgery seems so much better than chemo. I am keeping you guys in my thoughts. If you need anything, please holler!

  2. Gosh Laurie, I don’t know what to say. I really wish all the best for your mom and that surgery will take care of things. Its really a difficult situation I am sure. Its really scary for all us when things start to happen to our bodies–that we cannot control.

    I’m sending good healing vibes her way and strength and fortitude ones your way.

  3. As before….big hugs to you and your Mom. I know everything is going to go just fine – I know it.

    Flat feet? WTH?

    With the link for Shooshie – thats three links you had me travelling to today. I’m exhausted.


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