Yesterday I was going to do an awesome post


about what I was making for dinner (3 people just fainted dead away. I DO cook, ya know!)


and how I was using my own, home-grown peppers


beautiful shots of glistening onions, and the fun I had slicing them into matchsticks…mostly.


Spices, tomatoes, garlic, fragrant chicken broth and white wine…

and the battery died on my camera


but was charged in time for the finale!

Heroes starts tonight. I’m all a-quiver!

3 thoughts on “Nom

  1. I probably shouldn’t be reading this at lunchtime – I’m starving! Do you have any leftovers? It looks great!

  2. Yes, heros starts tonight…we had to leave Orlando in time to be back for it … D might have had a kiniption if we hadn’t, lol.

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