The worst line on TV – “It’s TIME… to FACE…THE HOLE!!!!!”

Give me strength.

Mom Update:

Sloan Kettering has come into the mix. Another biopsy in 10 days and then we hope for some good news. Mom’s feeling ok right now, she still hasn’t had any type of symptoms – though who knows what a symptom of bladder cancer should be?


I’ve been working on my Central Park Hoodie. The back is done and I’m working on the 2 fronts at the same time. By tomorrow I might be done up to the armholes on both sides – maybe more. Worsted weight yarn rocks! The knitting goes so much faster than fingering. (DUH!)


Beth asked “Is that all ya got?” when I posted one of our harvest shots. Well, Beth, here’s some more for you.

Yesterday’s cherry tomato haul.

Sweet Chelsea, Chocolate Cherry and Sungold (from the bottom, up). The Sweet Chelsea’s are about 2″ around. I just love the coloring on the Choco-Cherry tomatoes!


A few more okra.


I don’t cook with the okra, we grow them for the flowers


and I’m constantly told that I pick the okra when it’s too big.

“Woody, Woody, Woody.”

I hear the chant in my head as I cut them from the plant. If you don’t want my okra, don’t take them when I toss them on the desk at the bowling alley. I can’t help it. One day they’re about 1″ long and the next they’re about 8″ long. I refuse to sit in the garden, at night, so I can cut them when they’re perfect for YOUR soup. And you know you’re going to be the first one to ask “What? No more okra?” when I stop bringing them.

Grumble, grumble.

And check out the “Mother and Child” zucchini. They were picked on different days but look like they were shaped for each other.


Don’t worry. The gardening talk will stop in another few weeks. You’ll be sorry once it’s gone!

4 thoughts on “Multi-Babble

  1. Dewd those lil choco cherry maters are cute!

    Okra meh! Be woody all you want I just like looking at your flowers.

    Glad mom isn’t having any symptoms. Toes, fingers, everything is crossed for good news!

    Aww huggy mom and child chinis. Made some more bread with my batch of zucchini. Nomnomnom!

  2. D actually sat through the HOLE the other night….I had to get up and leave-sheesh!

    Love the ‘cocolate’ cherry tomatoes…such a pretty color 🙂

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