Kinda, Sorta Update

I’m still here but my brain isn’t doing a lot of thinking about posts.

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and prayers. I’m not a religious person but every little bit helps.

Mom came thru the surgery just fine and was home the next day. I found out yesterday that there’s more surgery in store and I’m pretty stressed. More tests in the next few days and then, hopefully, we’ll know the next move.

SIL also did well with her surgery and went home the next day. She had to go right back to the hospital but that was because of a….I don’t even know what. But the drain wasn’t working so she had to spend another few days in the hospital. She’s home and doing better. My brother is a rock.


This week Susan and I met at my favorite Starbucks for some coffee and knitting. Yeah, it’s one of the ones that’s closing which really sucks because the other one hardly has room for tables, let alone space for knitting. We also took a brief trek to the Amazing Jake store. I wasn’t really in a shopping mood (gasp!)(totally not because of the company) but forced myself to buy 5 shirts. They’re SO SOFT and comfy. SHHHHH! Don’t tell Stacy and Clinton.

Tom and I played another 9 holes of golf and I shot a 73. I told him I shot par and he told me that par was 72.

He’s such a kill-joy.

Who cares that that was just the first hole?

Tom did some harvesting today.


Yesterday we tried to give cucumbers to the mailman but he said “My Dad’s got a garden.” Drat! Foiled by another gardener!!

I finished a mini-clapotis and will try to block it this weekend. I’ve also started a Central Park Hoodie…again. After reading about everyone else’s sizing issues, I decided to frog what I had started last year and go up a size. And a pair of Fetching mitts, for Shan is almost off the needles – 2 days from start to finish, WHOO HOO!! Her hands will be warm this winter, I say!

Pictures of all knitted stuffs will be up soon.

I wish everyone a great holiday weekend. Be safe. Eat happy. Hug your loved ones.

5 thoughts on “Kinda, Sorta Update

  1. I am sad about the Starbucks, because I am sold on it as a place to knit. Coffee, comfy chairs with weird little nooks and windows! Should we picket with knitting needles?

    Tom harvested shoes! I wear a 7 1/2 😉

    OMG I didn’t even realize you got 5 shirts. Guess we were both out of it.

    Glad SIL is doing better and she has a good man to take care of her.

    Keeping you and your mom in my thoughts!!

  2. Yes, Susan. Tom has mad harvesting skills but he picked those too soon so they’re a size 7. 😦

    It’s so very hard to picket with circular needles. The signs keep falling down!

  3. Wow look at the size of those zuchinis –at least one of them looks like a zuchinni:) They are pretty tasted steamed with melted parmesan cheese.

    You go girl with the mini knitting marathon and the Golf:)

    Glad to hear your Mom and SIL made out O.K.

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