Farm Report

Just a few of the pickin’s from the past week.

Mexican Sour Cucumbers, Sungold Cherry Tomatoes, and Cat’s Head (Cat’s Head not available in catalogs).


Clockwise from the top: Rocky Cucumbers, Okra, Red Beauty Peppers (yeah, picked too soon, gotta pay more attention to the chart), Sun Green Zucchini (big one was 3lbs., 6 oz!) and Gold Rush Zucchini.

Right now I’ve got 5 of each kind of zucchini on the counter. Thought I’d work my way thru them by making a double batch of zucchini bread. Boy was I suprised when I found out it only takes 3/4 of each kind to make 4 loaves of bread! AARGH!! Going to try to make another batch today but soon we’ll be giving them away left and right. (Wink, wink, Susan.)

I’ve got a “barrel” in the outside fridge that is holding 28 Rocky cukes, waiting for brine.

Other folks have said the squash beetles have already gotten their crops so we’re lucky.

Don’t have a counter that isn’t covered with cucumbers or zucchini…but lucky.

The tomatoes and peppers will be turning soon (yes, also late but I planted everything late) and then we’ll be buried with those.


5 thoughts on “Farm Report

  1. OMG you grew a cat head! I hear they are quite rare:)

    Bread bread bread…dancing thinking about bread!

    I can’t get enough of looking at those lil cukes. They are so darn cute and sour.

  2. Very nice! My poor mom’s tomatoes all got eaten by something.
    If you’re looking for something to do with zucchini – I’ve been roasting onions, zuccini and yellow squash in the oven (coat with a little olive oil first) and then eating roast vegi sandwiches (with a little goat cheese) and tossing my pasta in it and putting it on salads. Its tasty, versatile and the zucchini cooks down to almost nothing so you can use a lot of it.

  3. How cool are you? Once again I am awed and jealous of your killer gardening talents – what a reward. 🙂

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