Curses! Foiled Again.

I’ve got wordlock. I’m freaking out because my Mom is having surgery on Friday. SIL is having surgery on Thursday. A friend has popped off the map because of surgery.

I think if I try to type a post, I’ll just end up with more babbling than usual so I’m going to fill you in on the past week with mostly pictures and partially words.

Also, my English, not so much lately.

Tom took me golfing, twice this week. Only 9 holes each time. I shot a 76 on Thursday but, again, half the amount of holes for a full round. I’ll just stick with saying “I shot a 76”, ‘k?



More squash. After 3 days of rain, the fence buckled and we had to harvest our biggest yet. I don’t want them to grow this big, it’s just that when I check ’em they’re too small (less than 7″) and then, POOF!, they’re too big. 3 lbs. 4 oz. too big. And a Rocky Cucumber. Just another “this might be fun to grow” choice. They’re for pickling and I’m going to the Farmers’ Market, today, to pick up full sour garlic brine. I don’t have the time or brain power, right now, to fiddle with my own brining.


The sheeps, they’re scared.


I brought no sheep with me when I went to get my hair “foiled”.


Tom’s a lucky guy, no?

And, finally, my Ravelympics sweater.

Here’s progress as of August 10th.


And as of last night, I’m this far. It’s still on the needle so it’s pulling a bit at the bottom.



That’s all folks. I’m trying not to shut down completely. If you’ve got any extra prayers they’d be much appreciated.


10 thoughts on “Curses! Foiled Again.

  1. Thinking of you!!

    Pictures are good 🙂 Those veggies are outta hand. Love the Olympic work you are doing. You get the gold in my book!

  2. The sweater’s looking good! Great color. Hang in there and hope everything goes smoothly with your Mom’s and SIL’s surgeries.

  3. Yikes. That’s a lot. We will definitely send warm wishes your way.

    That squash sure is something. I recently made three loaves of zucchini bread and 24 muffins out of ONE squash my neighbor brought down. It was obscenely large. They say it’s the goat manure they use.

    I tried to golf once with my brother and we were kicked off the course. It was pretty bad. We broke rules we didn’t know existed 🙂

  4. Take good care and hang in there! My prayers are with you and your family. Hey look at the bright side –at least you are not having 4 wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow:) This is what I have to look forward tomorrow afternoon:)

  5. Many hugs and prayers go out to you from us. I showed my family you’re sheep and zucchini picture – it made our morning! And even with everything going on, you are putting us to shame with your progree on your Ravelympics sweater!
    I hope you get a vacation after this!

  6. First …..mmmm…zucchini. Again, I’m jealous of your garden skills. 🙂

    All my best wishes your way chick. Remember drama happens in ‘threes’ – so really….. you are basically done! 🙂

  7. Thinking of you…hope things have gone well.

    I just recently tried “real” golf (not the putt putt kind). Our office had a team event at a small coarse. Only lasted about 4 holes, because it was about 104 degrees outside. Was kinda fun, despite almost collapsing in the heat! I’ll have to try it again when it is cooler.

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