Ravelympics Begins!

Today, at 8:28am, I cast-on for my Mr. Greenjeans cardigan for the Ravelympics.


I would have started earlier but was detained in the “Medical Tent” for a random drug test. I swore the Aleve I had taken was recommended by my golfing instructor but they were very thorough, thusly causing the 28 minute delay.

I say it was Fiber Profiling!! Who knew Malabrigo was on the list?

As the officials can see, I have a problem with my golf swing


which would cause anyone to turn to “hard” drugs.

I also seem to have a stalker.


Damn papparazzi. That will teach me to wear horizontal stripes.

2 thoughts on “Ravelympics Begins!

  1. You are so darn funny! I love your sense of humor:) That yarn color you chose is beautiful one of my favorite tones.

  2. Greenjeans! Hope you get the gold baby!

    I need to start hanging out in the trees to get some good photos of you. They sell for millions.

    LOL thinking how funny it would be if I happened to see you golfing on one of my walks and tried to hide behind a tree with one of my dogs. 😉

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