Opposite Day

Because Rox said so.

The challenge is to come up with 10 positive things, as a change from the usual bitching and moaning. We here at “Sarcasm Is Us” are going to play along.

1 – I’ve picked enough green and yellow squash to make my fabulous Chocolate Chip Orange Zucchini Bread.

2 – Tom rented an Olympus E-510 for me, for a week, FOR FREE!

3 – My neighbors aren’t blasting their music right now and all I can hear are birds singing and cicadas cicada-ing.

4 – After 9:45am tomorrow I will have another 365 days before my next boob squish-a-gram.

5 – I’m hungry all the time again, which is good because it means I’m not nauseous!

6 – Today I can finally swatch for my Ravelympics Mr. Greenjeans.

7 – Rox’s birthday is tomorrow!

8 – Wes really is cute, when he drinks from the bathtub spigot, and gets water drops on his head.

9 – I can finally watch the Giraffe Web Cam at Shan’s wedding site!

10 – I haven’t gotten any creepy comments on my last blog post.

11 – I could probably come up with, at least, 5 more things for my positive list. 🙂

In true rebel fashion – besides posting 11 instead of 10 – I tag anyone that wants to play along.

2 thoughts on “Opposite Day

  1. Chocolate Chip Orange Zucchini Bread! That sounds tasty. Happy you are able to eat again without feeling barfy!

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