But This Took Longer

It began around February 2006.


I stuffed it away for 6 – 9 months and then picked it up again around February 2007.

I cursed. I cried. I ignored. I contemplated a fire ritual.




Details, for the last time:
Pattern: Drunken Argyle Vest from Knitty.com

Made for Tom, really, in a Size Medium

Yarn: Baby Ull

Needles: Size 1 and 2

I apologize if I blinded anyone with my pale arm shot.

Seriously, though. This is a great pattern and once I got the intarsia down I really didn’t mind working on it…for EVER. I have thoughts about making something like it, for myself and the Baby Ull yarn is really very soft.

Maybe I’ll wear it to my bowling dinner next year. 🙂

4 thoughts on “But This Took Longer

  1. I love it! I looks very mod on you!

    To tell the truth, for the second shot I wasn’t sure that was the back until you pointed out your blindingly white arms! But you had the flash on right? 😉

    Turned out GREAT!!!!! You are seriously thinking of making another one? WOW!

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