It Just Took Me…

6 hours to do an update of my Etsy shop!

It’s my own fault, since I hadn’t done anything since March. Who knew? I though it was only a month or two. The time…it flies.

Hop on over and check it out. I’m having a sale for the month of August, with no extra shipping charge if you order a 2nd set of markers.

This week Tom and I went golfing twice, as part of the Tom-A-Palooza birthday celebration. Also included in the festivities was our trip to Atlantic City (not so thrilled with the Showboat but my Wordless Wednesday photo made the bus trip bearable) and a movie (again with the not so thrilled for the newest Mummy movie).

I was able to squeeze in some time at B&N with Jane and Susan. We meet to knit, really. I think Jane got the most knitting done – 3 rows of her Clapotis, followed by Susan – 1 row of a hat and trailed by me with NONE many rows. Unless you could the 2 rows of Jane’s Clapotis that I tinked. That does count, doesn’t it? Still lots of fun and serious talk about silly stuff. Susan had an awesome knitting bag with skulls and crossbones. Why do I love skulls so much?

Finally had the Gastro appointment and I left his office feeling very frustrated. Though my gall bladder is “lazy” (his word) he doesn’t think the other symptoms are being caused by the gb so doesn’t recommend surgery. Now I’m taking some medication for “other” and will go back in September for more medical blahdy blah. Needless to say, I came home and cried. Just really annoyed. I had already consigned myself to surgery and feeling better in a few weeks.

I’ve got things coming up that are REALLY important!

The Ravelympics Knitting Olympic Trials, bowling will soon be starting, I have a gig as a virtual bridesmaid that can’t be missed, I’m going to Atlantic City with Sandy, Rhinebeck with Jane/Susan/Mom, Stitches East with Jane. REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF, YOU HEAR ME??? (shaking fist at sky)

5 more rounds of an armhole plus a side seam and the vest…she is finito. I’m excited because then I can wind my Malabrigo (burgundy) and swatch for my Ravelympic Mr. Greenjeans. I’m the Team Captain so I had better get my butt in gear.

So that’s what’s what.

What’s what with you?

3 thoughts on “It Just Took Me…

  1. No surgery…. cup half full…. a good thing. And I just know that the meds are gonna work. I know it. Hugs and stuff.

  2. Ooo look at all the pretties on your shop. Everything looks great! Even the puke green ones..LOL!

    Aww I am sorry nothing was definitive as far as your gastro problems. I remember having one of those cries myself after an appointment. I know things will work out for you. Hoping the meds are the key and you feel better NOW!

    Oh I meant to ask if you had a winder…may need to throw my sock yarn at you to make my life easier when I start the clapotis. LOL it’s always about me, isn’t it?

  3. Doctors are fabulous at making you feel stupid … like its all in your head. Just dont be afraid to grab him by the short hairs and remind him that you know you best, and you know how you feel!

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