Doing the Time Warp

What? What day is it? What happened to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday?

Here’s what I’ve been up to.

I have joined in on the Ravelry Olympic Trials group. Cast-on a project when the flame is lit and be done by the time the flame goes out. I’m going to give it the old college try. Though I didn’t go to college for long. And I’m not sure how old it was.

I’m signed up for the “Sweater Sprint” event and have also started a “Team Greenjeans” so that my fellow Mr. Greenjeans knitters will be able to “chat” with each other if there are any problems. I have no idea what yarn I’m going to use but I’m going to use something from my stash. I WILL!!!

Monday I visited Jane, at her home, for some knitting and eating. Her DH is doing fine after his eye surgery and might be able to raise his head in another few days. (Thanks for asking about him, Susan. And I love your latest post on Zombies!) She was really sweet and bought bagels so we could have our breakfast “just like at Barnes & Noble”. She had also invited her back-yard neighbor, Jane. LOL.

Actually, knitting Jane is “Jane 2” and the other Jane is “Jane 1”. Jane 1 is the President of our bowling league and she brought Jane 2 into the fold, about 2 years ago. Jane 1 does some knitting but is busy with other things so she doesn’t knit very often. It was still nice to see her and there was some knitting involved.

I’m also taking a class on Dreamweaver, at the local community college. I’ve had the program for about 2 years and couldn’t find anyone to help me with it. The folks at Apple were very glad to tell me that the program is “a beast” but that was about it.

I was worried about being the oldest and dumbest student but I’m not, on either point! 🙂

It’s a 6-week class and I have a personal chauffeur. The lovely Mr. Tom. He knows my hate for night driving (and my tendency to not see well at night) and is all too willing to do the job. I’m going to be making the web site for his business, after all. Fair is fair.

Tuesday I had an appointment with THAT doctor. The one women never want to go to. YOU know. I got to sit in the exam room for 20 minutes and wait for someone to come in. I was close to calling the front desk to see if they forgot me. Really, who wants to sit there with their gown “open in the back” for any longer than necessary? Turns out there was an emergency – a pregnant woman had fallen down some stairs and they had to check the baby. That trumps drafty butt every time.

Wednesday delivered me to the hospital (actually, Tom did) so I could have a Dicida Scan done, to check for gall bladder disease. The test took about 90 minutes and I only had about 5 minutes of freak-out due to claustrophobia. Not bad, all in all. I hope to get the results in about 2 weeks.

I missed Wordless Wednesday. I didn’t realize until 9:30 last night that it WAS Wednesday.

Here’s some pics from around the yard.

The first spotting of a mantid baby, this season. I was watering the dead looking thing and it popped onto the house. So cute!


Cucumbers sprouting their first true leaves.


Usually I use some cotton twine and make up an elaborate, woven trellis. This year Tom found these and we decided to give them a go.

The only 2 surviving zucchini squash. At least the “eaters” left me with one golden squash and one green squash. Very nice of them, right? I’m trying to thwart anymore munching by putting these around the squash. Either it’s working or the munchers don’t like what I’m growing.


Win-Win situation, if you ask me.

4 thoughts on “Doing the Time Warp

  1. I know just what you mean about this week except I worked, then I went to work and then I worked some more. Not terriblyn blog worthy. Good luck on your test!

  2. Oh my gosh–Lots going on in your world! I hope all is good with the test results.

    Oh and hey I will have to check out the Mr. GreenJeans KAL…. I’ve been wanting to do that one too:) I already have the yarn:)

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