Help Me Decide

This week was filled with Memes, Questionnaires, Bunnies and Spilled Milk.

But there was more.

On Tuesday I finally got to meet Susan! She said that she was dosed up on decongestants so was a bit out of it. Along with that, her t-shirt said “Sorry Mind Closed Until Further Notice”. (Where can I get one of those?!?) It was like wearing a mood ring as a shirt. As long as she came out, we (Jane & I) were happy. Susan’s working on a very neat scarf but only got one row done because talking and reading a knitting chart? Not so much together.

We were a bit giddy and Jane was hyper because of the “house arrest” that was going to start on Wednesday. She’s going to be helping her DH recuperate from eye surgery for at least 2 weeks. Knitting was required to ease the stress. It was a short meeting ’cause Jane had to leave for bowling and I had to work.

Next time, Susan, we’ll stay longer and I’ll show you how to do magic loop socks. Get ready!

Tom took me to the golf course for some swing practice. Most of the danger was in front of me, instead of to the side…when I made contact with the ball, at all. Yeah. I need to work on aim. 🙂

I got a little bit of yarn from WEBS. I’m trying not to buy new yarn but I had ordered yarn to make Tempest, it was back ordered and then I cancelled that order. So, technically? New yarn but already ordered before the decision to “fast”.

Rationalization Queen…yer readin’ her blog.

Here’s the decision part. I bought 3 different colorways of yarn (Valley Yarns Franklin Sock Yarn). I like all of them and can’t decide which 2 to use for the sweater.

Please check out the sweater and here are the combinations.

Midnight and Mountain Spring

Midnight and Mink

Mink and Mountain Spring


5 thoughts on “Help Me Decide

  1. I gotta go with number 1…3 would be my second choice… and it has everything to do with that yarn that appears to go from apple to blueberry.

  2. Midnight and Mink — heck anything with the Midnight would be cool.

    Magic loop! I am scared, but I want to be magical too. 😉 I’ll wear my wizard hat.

  3. They’re all lovely, but I’d have to go with midnight and mink, definitely. The colors are great!

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