Crying Over Spilled Milk

Has anybody tried this?

Am I missing something? Is it really that difficult to use?

5 thoughts on “Crying Over Spilled Milk

  1. I haven’t used it, but cracked up when I heard there were demos to pour correctly.

    Slow down people, take your time, pour slowly until you get it right. Heehee!

    Such a big deal over a change in packaging. Was it this bad when glass containers were switched over to plastic?

  2. I haven’t seen those kind of jugs but I usually buy the smaller ones anyways.– I thought that the bags of milk in Canada were a good idea, I wonder why we don’t do that here instead of a jug.

  3. Just be the person that invents the closeable spout that thread onto the jug and you’ve already made a million 🙂

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